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Opens the sixth strategy of solid waste BBS

January 11-12, 2013, Chinese solid waste net annual brand activities - "the sixth strategy of solid waste BBS" opens schonbrunn hotel in Beijing. This BBS by China's solid waste, tsinghua university institute of environment and jointly organized by China academy of urban construction. From government agencies, institutions of higher learning, design research, enterprises, consultants and other units of nearly 500 people in the industry gathered to share solid waste annual event.

This BBS "business model innovation and practice" as the theme, has brought together 6 years professional solid waste strategy BBS brand precipitation, 10 excellent enterprise business model innovation cases, more than 30 a high-end professionals to elaborate the theme of the speech. China academy of urban construction general Xu Haiyun presided over the meeting of the first unit, the national energy administration commissioner of new energy and renewable energy, han jiang boat, policies of the state council development research center, department of Zhou Hongchun do keynote address, respectively. Fu Tao inventory for solid waste industry market in 2012; China academy of urban construction general Xu Haiyun is "living garbage classification - economy is the determining factor" keynote address.

Xu Chengjiao representative, general manager of the division in us was the northern cold region of eat hutch project practice of circular economy industry mode to build "keynote address. He depth profiling of Harbin eat hutch project challenges in the face of the cryogenic larger problem solution. Mainly from the four aspects process, equipment, design and operation. Shorten the process path optimization process, the use of heat recovery in temperature compensation, and emergency start at low temperature with low temperature anaerobic bacteria agent, cold cracking area of eat hutch projects operating problems. Xu said: eat hutch by Harbin project, to build an eat hutch waste high-tech industries demonstration zone, build advanced eat hutch processing industry circular economy mode.

Finally, sponsored by the China solid waste net "2012 annual enterprise solid waste industry selection" result and hold the awards ceremony, the evaluate selected the year China's solid waste industry top ten influential enterprise ", "annual solid waste industry in China's most socially responsible enterprise", "solid waste industry in China the most growth enterprises of the year". After two days, the end of the meeting.

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