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Soil repair will develop into the fast lane

Recently, issued by the state council general office on the recent soil environmental protection and comprehensive administrative work arrangement "(hereinafter referred to as the" work schedule "), points out that by 2015, comprehensive understanding soil environment in our country, improve soil environment comprehensive regulation ability, preliminary control of contaminated land development and utilization of environmental risk, in order to promote the typical soil pollution control and restoration pilot demonstration, soil environmental protection policy, regulations, and gradually establish a standard system. Strive for to 2020, the establishment of our state soil environmental protection system, make the national soil environmental quality was obviously improved. In the future, for the soil pollution prevention and control of all finance fund will amount to hundreds of billions of yuan, soil restoration is expected to become the next bright spot of environmental protection industry, into the development fast lane.

Soil restoration into national planning level

In the "national environmental protection" twelfth five-year "plan", the soil pollution repair is listed as "twelfth five-year" period need to solving one of the prominent environmental problems. The "twelfth five-year" energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan will also be contaminated soil management as key areas and key in the development of environmental protection industry technology.

At the end of October 2012, the state council research deployment soil environmental protection and comprehensive management work, will protect the soil environment, the prevention and reduction of the soil pollution, guarantee the quality and safety of agricultural products, build good living environment for the current and future a period of soil pollution prevention and control work of the main objectives, requirements to carry out the "soil environmental engineering", the soil repair industry is expected to enter the fast development period.

Soil repair wide prospect of market

According to data shows, in the environmental industry developed countries, soil restoration industry accounted for the proportion of the environmental protection industry market share is often as high as 30% - 30%, occupies the important position in the environmental protection investment. It is predicted that by 2015, the United States environmental protection output will reach $360 billion, in the wake of the financial crisis, environment repair industry accounted for the proportion of the United States environmental protection value to 20%. Europe, soil protection and restoration of the 27 eu members in 2007 environmental expenditure, accounting for 8% of the public and industry environmental protection investment.

Currently 20% of the country's arable land by heavy metals and organic pollutants; Conventional ground soil in the cities, most cities have different levels of heavy metal pollution problems. In recent years, China's soil pollution has been the quality of agricultural products, food security and ecological security threat. But the lack of accurate data of soil restoration plots in our country, more difficult to measure the exact size of soil restoration market in China. If according to the 2015 China soil repair value is one over ten of the us, when our country soil repair market scale will reach 40 billion yuan.

"Work schedule" pointed out that according to the principle of "whoever invests, benefits", make full use of market mechanism, guide and encourage social capital into the soil environment protection and comprehensive management; The central government on soil environmental protection engineering of eligible adequately to support key projects; That is good for soil environmental protection and comprehensive governance industry development economic policies such as tax, credit and subsidies.

Field repair market segment will speed up development

In recent years, along with contaminated site remediation project in the chemical field, mining and metallurgical industry site, petroleum contaminated sites, the deepening of the field of electronic waste site remediation subdivision, state of heavy metal pollution, soil pollution of agriculture and mining in the field of repair attention gradually, the market structure of China's soil repair industry has been initially formed, the future development, in the bidding and "repair and development", on the basis of two modes, actively explore similar waterworks of BOT and BT, business model, and promote the rapid development of the soil repair market.

At present, more and more investors to look at the soil repair market. According to relevant data show that domestic enterprises engaged in contaminated site remediation business, which has more than 100. Beijing construction environment, the environmental protection, energy saving the earth, can ring german-american, new land, YongQing times environmental protection, ecological, at the side, sander, dongjiang environmental protection enterprise success into environment repair field, its business scope covering pollution site investigation, risk assessment, repair construction, etc., in addition, the enterprise also is in talks to buy BeiKong water such as water, into the environmental restoration areas. At the same time, focus on the field repair are attracted to the contaminated site remediation foreign companies entering the consulting business, such as China, ERM, ACOM company and ESD (the world). Institutions in the field of commercial monitoring group, engaged in soil testing with SGS sgs-cstc China, macau, CTI, PONY spectrum measurement, etc., of which China has been listed on the gem, and the PONY spectrum is also planning a listing.

Part in addition to enterprises, involved in environmental protection scientific research institution is the main force of soil repair business, the national institutions including such as geographic science and resources institute of the Chinese academy of sciences, school of environment, tsinghua university, Chinese academy of sciences in nanjing, around the central astri, etc., they have certain advantages in undertaking the government project.

Source: China solid waste

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