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"The interim regulations of eat hutch waste management in fujian province has in

Fujian provincial government recently issued the interim regulations of eat hutch waste management in fujian province, straighten out the eat hutch garbage disposal process, and requires a transfer system.

"Method" in the eat hutch garbage, is to point to in addition to the residents' daily life of food processing, food service, group meals and other activities of food residual and waste edible oil.

Accepted for transportation, and disposal

The provincial government is clear, eat hutch garbage disposal is given priority to with centralized treatment pattern, collector and disposal service gratis, related fee standards into city life garbage charge system. Encourage community (residential area, unit) and the conditional family USES the eat hutch garbage recycling of the in situ.

The provincial government, municipal or county/district people's government shall establish a eat hutch waste, collection transportation and treatment of the regulatory system and prevent the eat hutch garbage and its processing into food production, circulation and catering consumer market.

The transfer system

In the future, eat hutch garbage from produce to transport collection, to dispose of, the whole process will be transfer system. Transfer in the process of eat hutch garbage collection transportation along with the goods, verification certificate personnel shall check the duplicate set forth the matters, to ensure that the single goods. And transfer the format and content will be formulated by the provincial housing and construction department of unified after release.

In addition to the transfer, we also eat hutch garbage collection transportation and treatment of service license system. Eat hutch garbage collection transport enterprise, registered capital of not less than RMB 3 million yuan.

As a unit of eat hutch waste, to set up the special airtight container collection, shall not be exposed to deposit, etc. The collective canteens and installation of large and medium-sized catering units for oil-water separation pool, oil-water separator and other facilities.

Of eat hutch garbage to no qualification units and individuals

"Method" clearly, any unit and individual shall not be used without the eat hutch garbage disposal of the breeding livestock and poultry, and shall not eat hutch garbage in underground pipe network, rivers, lakes, ditches, shall not eat hutch waste as raw materials production and processing food.

Of course, any units and individual cannot eat hutch garbage to the service has been obtained permission to eat hutch garbage collection transportation and treatment of units or individuals.

For violation of eat hutch waste management regulations, "method" has been clear about the specific penalties, to constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. In addition, our province will introduce prize reporting mechanism, the masses can also for reporting and complaint in the future.

To the source: channel metropolis daily

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