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The division in heilongjiang and environmental technology service co., LTD is a national high-tech enterprise, is specialized in solid waste resource recovery technology research and development and application of industrial investment environment system solutions and provide services enterprises. For the local government and enterprise customers to provide solid wastes treatment in terms of technical advice, equipment supply, engineering design and implement solutions, optimization of project and project operation and other professional environmental protection technical services, and through the BT, BOT, EPC mode to provide investment operating service and financial support.

The company was founded in 2006, 2006 successful candidates key pollution sources automatic monitoring project in heilongjiang province, has become one of the biggest suppliers of heilongjiang province, and the routine business. After a period of accumulation of technology in 2009, the company to expand the development center of gravity in the field of urban solid wastes treatment, successively built qiqihar biodiesel project, mudanjiang domestic waste sanitary landfill site and other environmental protection projects. Company according to the construction of BOT investment mode in Harbin in 2011 eat hutch waste recycling use and disposal project, and push for Harbin city become the first 33 starts the first pilot city, the construction speed of the fastest, the most advanced processing technology of the city. In July 2012, the company and the nation's second batch of eat hutch waste recycle and disposal project of mudanjiang eat hutch waste BOT pilot city of mudanjiang city sign construction framework agreement. In March 2013 bid for daqing eat hutch waste collector treatment BOT project and successfully won the bid. Company formed "equipment sales + + BOT project construction industry investment" business model the company entered into a steady development in the fast lane.

Company has always been committed to advanced technology research and development and promotion, set up the division in heilongjiang, and solid waste recycling technology research center, has a group of experienced technical experts and engineering and technical personnel, the colleges and universities, outstanding enterprises, international r&d resources advantage technology combined with the company's project management and investment management. Introduced European advanced solid waste disposal technology and experience, and organize the implementation of national science and technology support plan, provincial key biological industry project, the provincial research projects and a series of research projects, reserve a series of solid waste handling patent technologies and system solutions, and has been successfully used in practice. System to optimize the whole process of solid waste reduction, recycling, energy, solid waste treatment and organic combination of resources and energy utilization.

Company in line with "the ideals, the pursuit of excellence, leading technology, people-oriented" business philosophy, based on the northeast, facing the whole country, with the core technology, management and other advantages, has become the northeast's largest innocent treatment and utilization of solid waste recycling business and technical research and development center.

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