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Zhongke rui focus on solid waste treatment engineering design and construction, continuously improve the engineering process, in the field of eat hutch waste treatment engineering technology formed a complete set of high level, high efficiency; In the aspect of construction engineering design, construction land consolidation also have rich experience, professional engineering design and construction team, ensure the project to achieve the desired effect, and conform to the requirements of schedule and budget. Zhongke r us in building a strong technology research and development team, the introduction of a batch of senior project management, equipment management, economic accounting personnel of the project management team, the renewal and transformation of promotion and use of the modern building engineering standard technology, ensure the quality of building materials, use of information technology, the overall layout optimization of engineering management, standing in the height of the global, the customer's perspective, the systematic integration of various production and technological elements of optimization, in order to reduce the project cost, shorten construction period, improve the quality of engineering, control the project risk.

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