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The promotion and development

Companies adhere to the "employees with enterprise common development", while in order to improve enterprise's value, realize personal value of ascension; "Love, relief, training, retention" is our commitment to the principle of; "Almighty, form let, came down" is our competition policy; "Full authorization, employing not suspect" is the key, we are able to elite commitment to give every employee a sustainable development opportunities and space.

Training and learning

Company established a pre-service training, on-the-job training, external training and self development in an all-round and multi-level training development system; Make full use of internal resources, talent potential; Also use the teachers in colleges and universities, cultivate enterprise talent, provides a platform for the cultivation of the talent, make the staff grow up together with the enterprise.
The company insists on focusing on training to learn, and constantly strengthen the talent team construction. In the process of create a learning-oriented enterprises, for the enterprise development to provide continuous power. At the same time provide skills, knowledge and ideas to satisfy the needs of the different level training, continue to inspire self-improvement, self beyond the enthusiasm of the employees, promote employees to higher career direction.

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